How To Buy Power On Pancake Swap


Buy Power Token with Trust Wallet or MetaMask


Buy Power Token using MetaMask

Step 1

Download MetaMask or use an existing wallet
Head to and download their wallet to your Smart Phone or Chrome/Firefox browser. (This is where your Power Tokens will be securely stored)

Step 2

Go to PancakeSwap (
PancakeSwap is where you’ll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $POWR (Make sure you have already purchased BNB Smart Chain to perform this exchange)

Step 3

When you are in Pancake Swap, navigate to the trade screen
Click “Connect” at the top right of the screen, and then navigate to “Trade” on the left sidebar.

Go To MetaMask Settings –> Networks –> Add Network And fill in this information…

Network Name: Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
Network Name: Smart Chain

Step 4

Now that you’re in the Pancake Swap exchange window, we’re going to need to search for and then select the $POWR token.

1. Click on the “Select a Currency” button, and then enter the $POWR token contract: 0x08fcb902022649a599c4201c59332991c7498159
2. You should see Power in the drop down list

Step 5

To confirm the accuracy of the trade, adjust your slippage to 12% Click “Settings” at the top right, and adjust your slippage to 12 (dependent on demand).

Step 6

You are now ready to swap for Power Token!
Simply enter the amount that you want to buy and swap away!

(Important: You’ll be charged separately for Gas Fees, which is usually a minimal BNB fee that is under (or around) a dollar, so it’s helpful to always keep at least a few dollars in BNB at all times.)


Buy Power Token using Trust Wallet

Step 1

Download Trust Wallet to your smartphone
This is where your Power Tokens will be securely stored.

Once downloaded, click on “create a new wallet” and follow the set up instructions. Remember to write down your secret recovery phrase on a piece of paper. Since this can be used by anyone to access your wallet, it is very important to keep these phrases secure.

Step 2

Getting BNB into your Trust Wallet
Next we will need to get BNB into your Trust Wallet, which can be done by either buying directly from Trust Wallet or transferring your existing BNB from another wallet / exchange.

Option A: Purchasing BNB on Trust Wallet
To purchase BNB from your Trust Wallet, click on your BNB wallet and select “BUY” in the top right corner.

Enter the amount you want to purchase and click next (you will be redirected to another window to purchase).

Once you have completed your purchase BNB will be viewable in your wallet within 2-5 minutes.

Option B: Transferring BNB Into Your Wallet
To transfer from another wallet, you will find your Trust Wallet BNB address by clicking BNB and then clicking the “receive” icon.

On the receive page, you will find your unique Trust Wallet BNB address (it’s the 42 character address that starts with “bnb1”).

Copy the address and paste it into the exchange you are sending BNB from. You may have to complete a two-step authentication process by entering a code that will be texted to your mobile device from the wallet you are transferring BNB from.

Step 3

Swap BNB for BNB Smart Chain

Now that you have BNB in your Trust Wallet, we will need to convert it into what’s called BNB Smart Chain so you can purchase Power Token!

On the lower part of your Trust Wallet home page, you will see an icon that says DEX.

Click the DEX icon and then locate the button that says swap, directly above this button you will input the amount of BNB you want to convert into BNB Smart Chain.

In the top box underneath the “You Pay”, select BNB. In the lower box under “You Get”, select BNB Smart Chain.

Now click on the 0 in the top box and select the total amount of BNB you want to swap for BNB Smart Chain. Click “Swap” to complete the transaction. Please note, If you can’t swap all of your BNB for BNB Smart Chain, you may need to decrease the amount of BNB you swap for BNB Smart Chain slightly to cover transaction fees.

(Helpful hint — always keep a few dollars worth of BNB Smart Chain in your wallet for transaction fees).

Step 4

Enabling your browser on trust wallet
(This function has been disabled in the latest update of Trust Wallet)

If you are using an Android smartphone or desktop computer, you can skip this step.
Next, we will be enabling browser access in Trust Wallet so that you’ll be able to continue to the next step.

If you are an iPhone user, open Safari and copy and paste trust://browser_enable into the address bar.

Approve the prompt that comes up and then continue to the next step.

Step 5

Purchasing Power Token in the PancakeSwap Exchange

If you are on an android, you should now see four icons on the bottom of your Trust Wallet.

Click the browser icon (second from the left), search for “PancakeSwap,” and then click PancakeSwap to access the exchange.

From within PancakeSwap, click “Connect” in the upper right corner and then “Connect to Trust Wallet” in order to connect PancakeSwap to your Trust Wallet. This will allow you to trade your BNB Smart Chain for Power Token.

If you’re not already in it, please select Exchange from the menu icon located at the top left part of the screen.

(For IOS) Open Safari and visit Exchange.PancakeSwap.Finance and click “Connect” in the upper right corner. When Prompted to connect to a wallet, select “WalletConnect”. The net window will allow you to select a wallet, there you will select “Trust”/ You will be taken to your Trust Wallet app to confirm the connection. Once connected, return to Safari.

Once connected you will be in the exchange window, we’re going to need to search for and then select the $POWR token.

Before you actually trade your BNB for Power Token, we’re going to need to adjust your “slippage tolerance” (this allows for a trade to be completed while prices fluctuate). In the upper right corner of the exchange window, click the three little lines to access the slippage tolerance options window.

People have had success with a few different amounts depending on the volume of transactions that are going on at a given time, but 12% is the most commonly used (we’d recommend trying 11.1% to start).

Click accept, agree to any prompts that come up and then return to the main exchange window.

In the upper “from” field, click BNB if it isn’t already selected.

In the lower “to” field, you’ll need to click “select a currency” and then search for $POWR by pasting in this token contract code: 0x08fcb902022649a599c4201c59332991c7498159

You should see POWR in the drop down list:

In the upper box, please select the amount of BNB that you want to transfer to POWR. If you want to swap all of your BNB for POWR, click the MAX button (though we recommend always keeping at least $10 in BNB for future trades).

If everything looks correct and you’re comfortable with the amounts, click accept on all of the prompts that come up in order to execute the trade.

Step 6

Have Power Token show up in your Trust Wallet list!
If your trade(s) have been successful, you’re now officially a Power Token holder!

In order to see your total amount of tokens in your wallet, we will now need to add Power Token to the Trust Wallet view window.

Click out to the tokens window and then look for the icon in the very top right corner with two lines and two dots on it.

Click that icon and then paste the Power Token Contract ID number in the search bar: 0x08fcb902022649a599c4201c59332991c7498159

Select the button to the right as green and then return to the main window to see your total token amount.